All Things New

Who isn't interested in renewal? In second chances? New opportunities? For broken things to be restored? For things to be perfect. For life to feel like we're hitting that bullseye every single time.

Why I Still Believe Even When I Don’t

So what is it that keeps me coming back to believing God exists? What is it that keeps me holding on to Christianity and to the Jesus story in particular? Maybe I'm just crazy or maybe I'm just in tune with reality.

In the beginning, God created lamb poutine

When my lamb poutine was brought to me I had little idea how it had come to be but there it was. If I tried to describe it, you would literally think I was describing a cake and I would not be lying. Yet, it was a poutine. Just not the traditional kind.

Prayer Might Not Be What You Think It Is

It feels nice to think that there is a God who is in control, and maybe there is. Regardless, on the ground it doesn’t make much of a difference. You may or may not heal. You may or may not get the job. Things may or may not go your way. Whether or not they do is perhaps not the point.