About Me

English just a few lines below.

Ce blog est l’extension de la Page facebook En Chemin : on s’en va ou au juste? et contient un mélange d’article en anglais et en français (principalement en anglais). 


Which way’s up? We’re all moving forward but it’s often difficult to know exactly where it is we are going. This blog is about that. Considering various aspects of our day to day lives and the challenge that often comes with navigating through them. 

I’m somewhat of a skeptic but nonetheless, I continue to hold onto the hope that maybe there is a God who is working toward making all things new. I love conversations and discussions around questions of faith and spirituality as they pertain to how we live and why. I value openness and respect toward the other, even when we disagree. 

I grew up in the church with all its certainties. Over the years as I’ve come to listen to my own voice, I realized things are not always so certain as we make them out to be. Certainty makes us feel secure. Questions and doubts make us feel like the foundation we’ve built our lives on is being pulled from under us. We don’t always know what to do and where to go with our questions. Church can be intimidating and unhelpful for the skeptic. Many of us appreciate the community that can be the church, but we can find it difficult to fit in if we come as we are. 

This is not an anti-church blog. It’s simply my mini contribution toward helping us along while learning to love one another and embrace our differences. Inside or outside of the church. 

I sometimes will write in French. The majority here will be in English. For my Francophone friends, I’ve created a Facebook Page (En Chemin : On s’en va où au juste?). 

I’ve been married to Amélie for nearly 20 years and we have 3 teens. I grew up in the Evangelical Church culture and my journey has deep roots in that world. That journey lead me to choose studies in Pastoral Theology after which I worked as a pastor in various denominations for about 15 years. After a failed attempt at church planting, I partly left the church ministry world in August of 2014 and then completely removed myself from it in December of 2016.