In the beginning, God created lamb poutine

When my lamb poutine was brought to me I had little idea how it had come to be but there it was. If I tried to describe it, you would literally think I was describing a cake and I would not be lying. Yet, it was a poutine. Just not the traditional kind.


It hurt. I didn’t show it that evening. I went along with it, rolled over and said, “of course this makes total sense.” I felt betrayed. I felt used. I felt like I was being fired for doing exactly what I was hired to do in the first place. It sucked. I wanted these people whom I felt had betrayed me to go straight to hell.

Imagine Life Without Mirrors

I think it's safe to say that among the things we take for granted, mirrors would make the top of our list. Just think about it for a second. What would you do without a mirror? How would you know what you look like? Ya, you could run to a puddle on a rainy day … Continue reading Imagine Life Without Mirrors