2 more reasons why your church leader might might not be telling the whole truth

I'm certainly not perfect, you're not perfect and your religious leader sure as hell ain't perfect either. The more they can be free to be imperfect, the better leaders they will be.

Why I Still Believe Even When I Don’t

So what is it that keeps me coming back to believing God exists? What is it that keeps me holding on to Christianity and to the Jesus story in particular? Maybe I'm just crazy or maybe I'm just in tune with reality.

War on Christmas?

If Jesus is your Christmas, take a deep breath. Ask yourself if in your fit of rage about how someone else celebrates the holiday you maybe are less in the holiday spirit than they are. You see, it's one thing to talk about or shout about where you think Jesus should be during the Holiday season. It's quite another to bring peace.

John MacArthur craint les femmes

Alors les femmes, étant donné que MacArthur parle au nom de Dieu, désolé de vous le dire, mais selon lui vous n'êtes que des petites filles qui doivent être garder dans le silence de peur que vos paroles puissent enlever le pouvoir aux hommes.

What exactly is an evangelical?

I think I have a like/hate relationship with labels. I like them because sometimes generalizing, which is what labels do, is a good way to help me get a sense of things. I hate them because they never tell the whole story and I can easily corner myself and others in them. I especially don't … Continue reading What exactly is an evangelical?