War on Christmas?

If Jesus is your Christmas, take a deep breath. Ask yourself if in your fit of rage about how someone else celebrates the holiday you maybe are less in the holiday spirit than they are. You see, it's one thing to talk about or shout about where you think Jesus should be during the Holiday season. It's quite another to bring peace.

John MacArthur craint les femmes

Alors les femmes, étant donné que MacArthur parle au nom de Dieu, désolé de vous le dire, mais selon lui vous n'êtes que des petites filles qui doivent être garder dans le silence de peur que vos paroles puissent enlever le pouvoir aux hommes.

Epistemophobia revisited

Did the Bible get it wrong? In Galileo's day they certainly didn't think so and Galileo was treated harshly for it. But today, even the most serious christian has to admit that on this side of history, knowing what we know about our solar system, those verses are to be understood as expressing the human experience within the limits of the author's knowledge of the world in his or her day. It's writing from ones own point of view. That, by the way, is the best any of us can ever do.