4 Reasons Why Your Church Leader Might Hesitate to Tell the Whole Truth

Authenticity is simply being true. You are not playing a role and you are not wearing masks. There are many reasons why leaders might hold back on telling the whole truth, being vulnerable and authentic.

Your Pastor Might Not Be Telling You the Whole Truth

There is a dance going on and pastors and church leaders need to be on the dance floor along with everyone else. Watching others dance from the sideline is not healthy. You start to get rusty and stiff and critical of the way others dance.

Jesus continues to intrigue me

The movie Avatar has a very interesting theme in the words "I see you." I see you beyond the physical person standing in front of me. I see all of you. I look beyond the shape and see your heart, your soul and your being. I acknowledge you as an entire person deserving of love and respect.

Je n’ai jamais lu la bible en un an

C'est dans l'temps du jour de l'an, on se donne plein d'résolutions. C'est l'bon temps d'en profiter, ça arrive rien qu'une fois par année. Le fameux 1 janvier. Le moment de l'année où nos bonnes intentions, nos désirs, nos hontes et notre sentiment de culpabilité se croisent pour nous pousser à prendre des résolutions. Des … Continue reading Je n’ai jamais lu la bible en un an