Three Reasons Why I Still Believe

The beginning. Origins. We all like a good backstory. Whether it's finding out the origins of our favourite comic book superhero or a prequel to our favourite movie trilogy or book series. We like to find out what came before. We like to know what lead to this. What happened. What is the story that shaped this person or caused this event. When we meet new people we soon begin to ask questions about their past, where they were born, where they studied, what they did before starting this new job. We want to know these things because they give context and help us understand the bigger picture.

Why I Still Believe Even When I Don’t

So what is it that keeps me coming back to believing God exists? What is it that keeps me holding on to Christianity and to the Jesus story in particular? Maybe I'm just crazy or maybe I'm just in tune with reality.

Je n’ai jamais lu la bible en un an

C'est dans l'temps du jour de l'an, on se donne plein d'résolutions. C'est l'bon temps d'en profiter, ça arrive rien qu'une fois par année. Le fameux 1 janvier. Le moment de l'année où nos bonnes intentions, nos désirs, nos hontes et notre sentiment de culpabilité se croisent pour nous pousser à prendre des résolutions. Des … Continue reading Je n’ai jamais lu la bible en un an

Christmas and Power

Regardless of the angle with which you come at it, Christmas is an opportunity for us to look inside and ask ourselves what kind of people we are? Are we using our privilege, our power, our authority and our wealth to prop ourselves up and pull others down or are we using those things, no matter how much or how little of it we think we have, to love the other and make a difference around us? To do the latter is not weakness. It is true power.