This is Not a New Year Resolution

This is not a blog post about how in 2015 I intend to lose some pounds, exercise more, use my iphone less, and read one book every week. No, this is not about that. Why not? Well, I simply have not committed to any of those things. Yes, I could lose a few pounds and I most definitely need to exercise. While reading a book every week is a worthy challenge, it’s not on my radar. But who knows, I just might. As for my iphone, well, let’s keep it out of this.

No, this is  not about New Year resolutions. I’ve written about those before. I’ve made plenty and have probably kept 10% of them, maybe. They don’t quite work for me. January 1st just isn’t the right time to make those year altering decisions. I say give it a couple of weeks.

Today may be January 1st but this blog may as well have been written on November 7th or January 7th. Well, come to think of it, maybe not January 7th. That is my wife’s birthday. Good, I remember. If it happens to slip my mind, I’ve got Siri on my side. Good thing I haven’t resolved to use my iphone less.

Anyway, as I was saying this is not a New Year resolution. This is simply me communicating to whomever it may interest that I will be picking up blogging again. Back in 2004 (ish) I had a good 3-4 year blogging run. Perhaps it was even a little longer than that. I sort of accidentally deleted everything at some point so I can’t remember. Then over the following few years I tried to pick it up again but never with any consistency. I’ve always wanted to. I never know if I should blog in French or in English. I imagine this time it will be mostly written in English but with some posts written in French here and there.

What I do know is that I like to think and I like to write. Mostly I enjoy bringing others along with me in the thinking process. Even in my preaching, when I used to do that, it was my approach. Come, let’s consider these things and think through them together. We’re all in the same boat after all.

As the title of this blog indicates, it’s about how random things can get us thinking about other things. This blog is that. A collection of thoughts and considerations taken from the daily stuff of life. Sometimes with a spiritual edge, sometimes not. Sometimes from a religious perspective, sometimes not. Sometimes serious, sometimes not.

I do hope to encourage and inspire and yes, one of my biggest hopes, is to invite you to think through the stuff of life with me. I can only write from the lens with which I see things and hopefully with a genuine openness to the lens of others.

How often will I post? I have no clue. Quite regularly I hope. It will usually depend on how good the coffee is in the morning. We’ll find some kind of rhythm along the way.

I hope you’ll come along and participate through the comments. We’ll see where this takes us. I know I’ll have fun. I hope you will as well.

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A regular dude who remains hopeful in the promise of the renewal of all things. I write about faith, spirituality and relationships with a desire to encourage and inspire. Un gars ordinaire qui garde espoir dans la promesse du renouvellement de toutes choses. J'écris sur la foi, la spiritualité et les relations avec le désir d'encourager et d'inspirer.

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