Welcome to my online home. The purpose of this place is to think about  life and spirituality in a way I hope will be encouraging and challenging. Our daily lives are made up of many things to think about and each opportunity to think is an opportunity to better ourselves. I like to consider life as it pertains to me individually, as a husband, a father, a neighbour, a leader, and truth seeker.

I like to think. Mostly I enjoy bringing others along with me in the thinking process. Even in my teaching, when I do that, it is my approach. Come, let’s consider these things and think through them together. We’re all in the same boat after all.

As the title of this blog indicates, it’s about how random things can get us thinking about other things. This blog is that. A collection of thoughts and considerations taken from the daily stuff of life. Sometimes with a spiritual edge, sometimes not. Sometimes from a religious perspective, sometimes not. Sometimes serious, sometimes not.

I do hope to encourage and inspire and yes, one of my biggest hopes is to invite you to think through the stuff of life with me. I can only write from the lens with which I see things and hopefully with a genuine openness to the lens of others.

I write because I find great pleasure in doing so. I enjoy the challenge of communicating things simply. I especially enjoy joining my mind with that of others and contributing to the journey everyone is on. If something I write can encourage you, stimulate you, help you in any way, I will be most satisfied. I admit, I’ll even have a little bit of fun if something I write causes you some form of a headache. As long as the headache serves a greater purpose of making you think again about an issue that you may have neglected or taken for granted before.

Like you, I’m a complex individual. I’m especially interested in the heart/soul/head/existential levels. Although I am also quite amazed by the complexities of our biology. All those levels are interconnected in ways that are beyond me.

Like you, I have a story. A story to long to share here, but one you will come to know as you read one thing to the next.

Like you, I have dreams and hopes. Fears and anxieties. Disappointments and failures. Things I am proud of. Things I am ashamed of. Things I hold tightly and others more loosely. Secrets.

As I write this I am sitting in a local coffee shop enjoying a hot drink. On the radio a song is playing that I hadn’t heard in a while, No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak’:

Our memories, well, some of them can be inviting but some are altogether mighty frightening.

I have been married to Amélie for 15 years and have 3 kids. As you can imagine, the dynamics and challenges of being a husband and father do take up quite a bit of headspace. Some of which I will share with you on this blog.

For the most part I think today I can say I am content with who I am and where I have come. My journey is not one I have always been proud of. On my bad days there are still parts of it that I would like to re-do if I could. But then I worry about what the outcome of the re-do would have been and what things I may have never known that have shaped who I am today. I’ve come to understand it is much more useful to embrace your story and learn from it than to be eaten up my regret.

Currently, I work as an’EAP Intake Supervisor’ for an EAP company. I’ve also experienced Christian pastoral ministry’ for 16 years with 4 different churches from 3 different church denominations.

Throughout those years one thing that has become a passion of mine is helping people think stuff through. Not as one who has it all figured out but as one who is always thinking and re-thinking as I go about my daily life. So whether it has to do with faith, relationships, family, church, or anything else for that matter, when it comes to tossing stuff up in the air in order to think them through again, pretty much everything is up for grabs. I’m a skeptic of sorts and always looking for ways to sharpen what I know, or what I think I know. In the process, you quickly realize that when 1 question is answered, there are often 2 other questions raised.

Once again, if you’ve read this far, thanks for stopping by. Dive in and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. Please do so respectfully.

How often will I post? I have no clue. Quite regularly I hope. It will usually depend on how good the coffee is in the morning. We’ll find some kind of rhythm along the way.

I hope you’ll come along and participate through the comments. We’ll see where this takes us. I know I’ll have fun. I hope you will as well.